Single Family Homes by Jim Bulejski Architects

Designing homes better, not necessarily bigger, is the hallmark of Jim Bulejski Architects. Multi-functional spaces, elegant amenities, sustainability, convenience, and curb appeal are necessities in today’s homes. Comfortable designs for living and appealing characteristics are incorporated into each home we design.

We believe and several of our builder clients agree that the curb appeal of our designs is a step ahead of the competition, which can make a huge difference when it is time to sell. Well-organized spaces, unique features, and our experienced understanding of designing with economies in mind are some of the reasons builders return time after time.

Several of the homes shown here have been integrated into existing neighborhoods on tight sites, requiring that the design be contextual with its surroundings, maintaining green space requirements, and complying with city regulations — all while satisfying the clients needs and wants. Others are set in natural settings where trees can be saved and views can be maximized all designed to be graceful and captivate an enduring elegance for many year of enjoyment.

We are particularly familiar with the policies and procedures of several municipalities, including Ladue, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Clayton, Town & Country, Creve Coeur, Olivette, and St. Louis County. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to share our experience and creative abilities to help you transform your vision into reality.

Project Types:
Custom Homes
Builder Homes
Infill Housing
Sustainable Design
Various Architectural Styles
Interior Design
Timber Frame Homes
Vacation Retreats

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